Wipe Out

Today was a hard day. It took me 50 minutes to get to work as there was stop and go traffic on the Matthews Bridge. Upon arriving, I attempted to ride my motorcycle up the ramp (think ramp on a curb/sidewalk) so I could park underneath the overhang of the school along the sidewalk. Well, I took the angle too sharp and ended up trying to go up more of the curb than the ramp. The bike stalled and I tried to put my feet down, but I was half up the ramp, so there was no ground under me. I toppled over. Luckily I was wearing all of my gear because I fell with the bike and hit my head on the road (helmets are worn for a reason). I’m not sure how I didn’t get pinned under my bike, but I didn’t. I got up and immediately started taking my gear off and moving stuff to the side walk that had fallen and turned off the bike. A man came out to help me from the school and asked if I was okay, which I was. He said that he didn’t know anything about motorcycles but asked how he could help. Together we lifted the bike back up. As I feared, there was damage. I shattered the mirror, busted a tail light, and scraped up the side in a few areas. I was so embarrassed to fall over with my bike in front of the school and so upset that I banged up my new bike. You don’t feel very cool when you crash, especially at slow speeds in a parking lot due to lack of skill/experience. I’m blogging about this because it helps to let it go. I am a new rider and accidents happen. After I collected myself a little I called Mat and told him what happened and that I was okay (but my pride was hurt). He offered to come save me right away and assured me that this happens to all new riders. He said he expected this to happen and that’s why he started me off on the 250cc (the smallest one). He said he did more damage to his first bike when he laid it down in a parking lot. He came all the way across town to Westside and brought a tool kit. He tightened everything up, bent my shift lever back out, and made sure it was safe to ride. The whole time reassuring me and explaining that it happens to us all and that slow speed maneuvers are the tricky ones. I scrape up this beautiful bike that he bought for me, and he’s not even upset. I mean, that is a whole lot of love and understanding if you ask me. Thank you, my love. I appreciate you. You made today suck less.

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