Reducing Emissions

In an effort to reduce our emissions to help the planet, my husband bought us a pair of GSXR motorcycles. We also had a mid-size truck and an SUV. Ever since I was given the motorcycle, I have taken it to work nearly every day (I maybe took the SUV once every other week). My motorcycle gets about 77 mpg! Seriously, how amazing is that. I reduce my emissions, help save the planet, save money, and get to drive a super fun motorcycle. This past Saturday we decided to kick it up a notch. To further entice us to take the motorcycles when we are out together (think movies, restaurants, etc.) we sold the SUV. Now our main mode of transportation are motorcycles with a back up mid-size truck (gets almost as good of gas mileage as the SUV did) for things like hauling supplies, getting groceries, driving when it’s raining and desiring to stay dry, etc. It’s terrifying and exciting all at the same time. As a bonus, our bills are going down (insurance, tabs, maintenance, cleaning). And my husband is an absolute sweetheart and is paying off my student loan (that’s another topic in itself) with the money from the sale, plus his personal stash. Excited to be rid of all debt and help the planet! 



We started composting! This is actually quite fun.


Washing Solar Panels

Solar panels get dirty and need to be washed. It’s super easy, kind of fun, and will increase solar production! Do it! April 30, 2018


September 27th 2017 at 5:40 pm

Solar is officially up and running!!!


My Husband is an Earth Lover and I Love Him!

Take that million dollar idea, crumple it up, and throw it in the recycling bin. <– that's what I just heard my husband say. You had me at recycling bin. Damn I love you, @mat.


No Beef, Only Solar Showers Update

If you are following my blog, chances are you read about my commitment to give up beef and only shower in my solar shower for the entire month of June (June Commitment to Reduce My Impact on Global Warming). Well, it is now the middle of August and I am proud to say that I have not eaten any beef or showered outside of my solar shower for 2.5 months now! I don’t miss beef, I do miss pepperoni, which was one of my favorite foods, but guess what, I’m willing to sacrifice to save our planet – one cheese pizza at a time. Also, I must tell you that for the entire month of June, it rained. Every. Single. Day. The way a solar shower works is that the black tube fills with water and the sun heats up the water. When a cool rain comes down over the top of it every day, well the water gets – cold. Seriously cold. But after a while you get used to it. And you save even more water because you get in and out of the shower even faster. Not only that, but I feel very grateful and connected to my Earth each time I am able to get a hot shower out of my solar shower. I think of all of the blessings that I have received, including the hot shower that I look forward to. I hope that each of you wake up and realize that this world is worth saving. Who’s with me?


July 3rd 2017 at 4:36 pm

Our first bell peppers we grew from seeds are coming in 🙂


June Commitment to Reduce My Impact on Global Warming

My husband and I have been doing a lot of research on global warming. The information we have come across is pretty evident that we need to make a change or our planet is going to die. I mean, it’s great that the ocean is warming up, I mean, who doesn’t like paddling or boogie boarding through bath water, but seriously, ice caps melting is a bad thing.

Here is my pledge for the entire month of June. I hope that other people will jump on board and join me in my efforts, or share their own efforts so we can all unite and succeed at reducing the global warming epidemic.

1. I will not eat or buy any beef. This includes hot dogs with beef or pepperoni made with beef. No beef means no beef. By simply eating other forms of protein (chicken, turkey, fish, beans, etc.) I will reduce my carbon footprint. Here is a quote from the movie, Before the Flood:

“Of all the reasons for tropical deforestation, the foremost is beef. Beef is one of the most inefficient use of resources on the planet. In the U.S., 47 percent of land is used for food production and, of that, the lion’s share is just to grow feed for cattle. The things that we actually eat—fruit, vegetables, nuts—it’s a percent. Most importantly, cows produce methane. And methane is a powerful greenhouse gas … About 10-12 percent of total U.S. emissions is due to beef. It’s staggering … Maybe not everyone is ready to eat tofu 24/7. I get that. But even if you just have to have some flesh between your teeth, if you switch to chicken, you will have eliminated 80 percent of what you emit, depending on where you are coming from.”

The movie, Before the Flood, does a great job explaining why it is so bad for the planet to raise and consume beef, so I suggest you watch it.

2. I will use solar power to heat the water used for my showers for the entire month of June. That’s right, I will not use my electric water heater to heat water used to take my daily shower. We have installed an outdoor, well-water, solar powered shower, and I plan to use that. My other option is to use cold water. Now, I will have to use a very tiny amount of electricity to pump the well that I get the water from. I know that not everyone can do this if they don’t have a kick-ass outdoor shower, but hey, I didn’t either until we purchased and installed one. Something you can do though is to time your showers. Get in and out in 5 min or less. Turn the water off while you shave (this saves sooo much water). Turn the temp of your water heater down (our tankless water heater is set at 113 degrees).

I’m ready to start helping the planet. Right now. Who’s with me?