Recently Mat and I have had friends/family wondering when they can come to Florida to visit. After discussing it, we came up with the idea to post a “vacation policy” on my blog so it’s the same answer for everyone and we don’t have to repeat it. Also, to remind ourselves of what we decided.

So, first of all, Mat and I are currently at jobs where we are highly needed and have a small amount of PTO, unfortunately. Sure, we can take unpaid days off, but after so many of those our jobs might be like, hey, do you want to work or should we find someone else? Second, Mat and I are at a point in our lives where we are very interested in traveling and seeing different parts of the world with our time off. Since it’s limited, we must use it to it’s full potential.

So, if you want to come visit us, we have a few options. First, come down for the weekend. We’d love to host you at our house, check out the local area, or go somewhere more exotic if you’re up for the adventure. Second, if you’d like to visit Florida and have a longer vacation that doesn’t include us for the entire time, you can go to a more touristy area of Florida (like Orlando or something) for as long as you’d like and we can meet up with you for an epic adventure over the weekend (as long as it’s 5 hours or less from our house). Third, you may join us on a vacation that we are taking. For example, if we are going on a cruise, you could join us on that cruise. We decided this would be the best way to still see friends and family and still be able to travel.

We are delighted that people actually want to come visit us! Right now we are just short on PTO and being able to be away from our jobs.