Message from the Groom

I long time ago in a far away land…… ?

Actually it was on the roof of a water treatment storage tank a few blocks from my house during a Thunderstorm, a met a woman named “Star”.
I was pretty sure she thought I was an asshole right of the bat (turns out I was right). Why do woman always like the assholes?…. Oh well, it worked out well for me =).
By the end of that first night, she already had me dizzy. “She convinced me to roll down Rocket Hill in the rain”.

Many months went by this way. Star would come by to visit me ALWAYS smiling and appearing so excited to spend time with me.

2010. I can’t seem to remember how the conversation started on that splendid evening, but somehow I ended up asking her to a movie. This led into many days and night spent together talking, playing, relaxing, learning, teaching, growing, sharing, etc…..

January 2011. The dreaded start of the new Semester. I was completely convinced that as soon as I started hitting the books 90 hours a week, Star would no longer be drawn to me. How could anyone possibly want someone who ?is?openly a work-a-holic.

She stayed! Not only did she stay, but she seemed even happier to watch me grow in my career and education. Don’t tell her this, but my favorite part of every day was the 45 mins I got to spend of it with her. She was just as driven as me. I knew that we were good for each other. Inevitably and Obviously I made her my Girlfriend.

We were looking through some old stuff and found a Valentines Day gift I gave her in 2011 that is still on the web

You know how people talk about how every relationship has its ups and downs……. Well, mine only had ups. Each month we grew closer and more open. We have shared everything from embarrassing character defects to the greatest moments of pride. I have never felt for one moment embarrassed to be with her. I can be myself totally.

Summer 2011. I knew she had to be mine. I could tell she was in love with me. The best part was, I wasn’t even trying. I new she loved me for me.
Of course I proposed, in public.

This last year has been amazing. Star is my partner, companion, lover, crutch, student, educator, voice of reason, trophy, family, inspiration, and sometimes my daily spending limit.

The running joke over the last few months has been “I have to get her to marry me before she is old enough to know better”, but in truth we are a perfect match. Over lives are always better with each other in them.

I am going to Marry this girl on July 2nd 2012 and for the rest of my life (luckily she will out live me) I am going to continue to become a better person because I will be loved by Star Lipe.